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20” Open Top Shipping Container

Available in new, cargo worthy, wind and water tight or “as is” condition.

Available for sale or rent.


Product Summary

· Open top to facilitate loading by crane from above the container.

· 31 cu.m. storage space.

· Payload between 24, 000 and 30, 000 kg.

· Can be stacked up to 8 high.

· Easily transported.

· Double doors open 270° for easy loading.

· Hinged header rail to facilitate loading of over height cargo.

Price: P.O.A.

Open top containers are retired from active shipping service and range from new to 15 year old models. Prices vary according to condition. All containers have a wooden floor supported on steel C or H section cross members spaced at 30cm intervals. In addition open top containers do not have a steel roof, but 9 roof bows that support a tarpaulin to protect cargo from the elements. The top header rail above the doors is hinged. These features allow the loading of heavy lift cargo by crane, through the roof, or by forklift through the doors with header rail folded open to accommodate loading of over height cargo.


Containers may converted to client specification.



These units are available for sale or rent.


20’ Open Top Shipping Container

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